Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Foreign Policy Pic

Guess it would help if I included this....

Foreign Policy

So this is kind of a political piece I did for school concerning foreign policy in many forms. Now I am not against it. I have been out of the country, I know the good we have done for other, less fortunate places. It made me appreciate America more. And I didn't chose specific countries for any specific reason, just what I thought looked good. I just think it is crazy that we give money and guns to places that in the end hate us anyway and would love to see us fall. And really (this is my rant time sorry) I think we would do much better if we stopped playing big brother to the world and took care of our own people. Put all that money into the Ghettos and poor places of the nation. How many Martin Luther Kings and Rosa Parks have lived out a life that was never able to really get off the ground because of the situation their life had them in? America has produced so many great people, so many great things, that I just think we should start backing our own people before we back everyone else. Anyway, lecture over. I did sketched this out and did it painted it in painter... kinda went off some old WWII Propoganda posters.