Friday, August 08, 2008

Something new, thanks to Breaking Dawn - Caution, spoilers

Until now my blog has been mainly made up of just art work, but looking at the blogs of family and friends, I realize that I could do much more with it. So to start that off, I am going to be talking about the latest book in the Twilight series "Breaking Dawn" by Stephenie Meyer, my new favorite author. I admit, like most guys I was pretty skeptic at first. My wife was going through the first three books with unparalleled devotion, finishing them in a matter of two weeks I think it was. Finally she convinced me that I would love them, and she was absolutely right. She read them to me as we drove to work, and I ate them up in turn. Instantly I fell in love with the characters, the way Stephenie wrote, and the way the book just pulled in me and never let me go.

I am not ashamed to be one of what seems like few guys that enjoyed it purely as a love story, and was delighted with the added twists and turns. I was always voting for Edward, and to be honest Jacob bugged me until the very last book. In fact at one point while my wife was reading Eclipse to me, and Jacob kissed Bella, I was so enthralled in the story that I had to have my wife stop reading, and I didn't do it very nicely. Yeah... sorry love! Anyway, on the new book.

I was so worried that this book would go the way I didn't want it to, that I was scared to read it. It took my sister and my wife to assure me that that was not the case, and I don't know why I ever doubted Stephenie, especially after reading "The Host" (which I absolutely loved as well) and seeing how she could make the most dismal circumstances for her characters turn into the better ending than even I could have imagined. And so she did the same with Breaking Dawn. In three days, I had inhaled the book and loved each page, often times laughing out loud riding the bus home, surrounded by people that I would rather not be laughing in front of, and not caring. I loved the wedding, and I loved that Jacob was there to see her, despite me prior feelings about him. I loved the Honeymoon, and the settle hints put in there that made me text my wife asking if Bella was pregnant long before she found out she was. I loved Jacobs section from his point of view. This is when I grew to really like him, and really appreciate it all. I loved the birth of Renesmee, and the birth of Bella as a newborn, finding all her new powers. You could tell Stephenie had a blast writing that part, and I had a blast reading it. I loved Bella's reaction to Jacob imprinting. That had me laughing the hardest. Oh the stares lol. And the rest of the book from that point on was just perfect. Again, genius.

So now I am left with what feels like post-twilight depression. I don't want it to be over. I don't want to say good bye to Bella or Edward, or any of the other amazing characters in these books. There is so much more I want to hear from them. It's odd, this series was the first time I have read books from a first person point of view, and I guess because of that Bella is the first character that engrossed me in the way that she did, so to not hear things from her point of view ever again, especially with all the knew things that could happen, would just feel weird. Not that I wouldn't love it. I haven't had this hard a time with the end of something since Harry Potter lol. No good.

As for what I would like to hear in the future, I would really like to see what the Volturri have planned. You know they aren't done. And that's why I would love to hear it from Bella's point of view, since she is the one that has tipped the scales now that she is in the Olympic Coven. That would be a fun book right there. I also would want to hear about Renesmee more, and how things go with her and Jacob. And then there is just immortal life with Bella and Edward. I could read about those two indefinitely.

Anyway, thanks for letting me ramble. Please feel free to add your two cents. I am working on my own little twilight piece right now, kind of my own vision of the clearing part before I see the movie. I hope it will be up soon, and I hope I can do it justice. Thank you Stephanie for writing such amazing books. I will read whatever you write, no hesitation. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us lol. And to those of you who haven't read the books, give it a try. You won't be disappointed with them, and guys, don't be turned off because it's from a girls point of view. That was one of my favorite parts. Later!